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GPS Vehicle Tracker MVT600

A truly unique GPS vehicle tracker, the MVT600 has many functions and features. The MVT600 can allow someone to monitor the interior of the vehicle by attaching the optional camera. The camera can take snapshots when certain events take place such as, starting the car, opening or closing a door. Other types of accessories can be added such as fuel sensors, and even an RFID reader.

Temperature sensors are vital if the vehicle has a refrigeration unit that needs to be monitored, the sensor can send alerts if the temperature suddenly fluctuates. The RFID allows for the vehicle to be operated by selected individuals who carry the RFID card, this is one more safety measure to have on a vehicle that should only be operated by a selected personnel.

  • Real time tracking
  • 8 Polygon Geo-Fences
  • GPS Logging
  • Speed Alert
  • Listen in
  • S.O.S. button
  • AGPS
  • Engine stop
  • Two way audio
  • iButton
  • Alerts via text / GPRS
GSM 850/900/1800/1900
GPS u-Blox 7
GPS Sensitivity -161dB
Dimension 103 x 98 x 32 mm
Weight 220g
Power supply DC 11V to 36V / 1.5A
Backup Battery 400mAh / 3.7V
Power consumption 65mA stand-by
Temperature range -20°C ~ 55°C
GSM Antenna External
GPS Antenna External
Memory 8MB
Interface 3 digital inputs (2 negative & 1 positive) 1 analog detection input, 1 fuel sensor detection input, 1 digital temperature sensor detection input, 3 outputs, 4 RS232 ports, 1 wiegand port, 1-Wire® temperature sensor port, 1-Wire® iButton.
  • Battery
  • GPS & GSM antennas
  • Camera
  • A53 fuel sensor
  • Microphone / Speaker
  • iButton Driver ID
  • A52 digital temperature sensor + A61 sensor box
  • Handset
  • RFID reader
  • LED display

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