Meitrack T333 (3G)



Modern network with stable reliability, is what brings the T333 GPS vehicle tracker. The T333 is Meitrack’s first GPS tracker that can run on 3G network for faster and more stable connections wherever 3G is available.

The T333 GPS vehicle tracker has a built in function that will detect if the 3G connection is available and if for some reason its not, then it can switch to the 2G until the signal is back up. This tracker delivers with the many standard features that make all Meitrack GPS trackers stand above the competition which includes the 3G antenna

The T333 can have aditional accessories added such as LCD display, handset phone, fuel sensors, RFID reader, LED display, camera among others.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 7 × 6 cm

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